Software TPM Introduction

The software TPM 2.0 is targeted toward application development, education, and virtualization.

Software Development

The intent is that an application can be developed using the software TPM. The application should then run using a hardware TPM without changes.

Advantages of this approach:


The IBM Software TPM can be downloaded here.

Application Notes

See also the IBM TSS. The TSS offers a simple but complete higher level development environment. It comes with about 80 command line utilities that can be used either as sample code or in a script for rapid application prototyping. The TSS also includes a regression test that can be used to validate the software TPM build.

The TPM souce has been tested on x86 Windows (gcc or Visual Studio) x86 Linux, and ARM Linux. It has not been tested (and is likely to have bugs) on any big endian platform.

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